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By running, and participating in this charade our campaign finance system has become, they’re able to go beyond the funny and necessary critique they have provided of politics and the political press in the US, to playing a starring role in exposing its silliness.

In ways that are not always clear to people who have bills to pay and no time to watch every move in our corporate-political lambada, Stewart and Colbert can bring bring clarity to the issue of how easily corporations can manipulate our political process in our post-Citizens United world.

They can be “business partners” but still claim there is no coordination. They can run ads in states such as South Carolina, only limited by the moolah they raise - and these ads can say almost anything. Colbert can even run for office, as he is in South Carolina, while all this is taking place (and receiving a healthy 13 per cent in one GOP primary poll, again showing how money = name recognition = polling numbers, no matter who it is).

You really can’t make this stuff up - although, if you did, Mitt Romney could probably hide any paperwork in the Caymans for you.

Colbert and Stewart for a better America in America - Opinion - Al Jazeera English (via cultureofresistance)

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